Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on BlackStarGaming. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Community Rules

    1. No religion or politics unless discussed in the designated area(s). #
    2. Taunting and teasing is okay unless it goes overboard, and it's obvious when you are. #
    3. *​Use Common Sense* #
    4. If there is a kid-friendly area, you are not allowed to cuss and please make things g-rated. #
    5. No posting pornographic images in the teamspeak or on the forums. It can be considered distribution of pornography to a minor if there's a minor in the room or sees it on the forums. #
    6. No spamming. Mic, posts, chat, etc... #
    7. No frequent changing of channels in TeamSpeak. This is considered spamming. #
    8. No use of homophobic or racial slurs. #
  2. Staff Rules

    1. Be Objective - You cannot ban or harass someone with your admin powers just because you don't like them. On the other end of the spectrum, you can't neglect to ban/mute/kick others just because they're your friend. #
    2. Lead by Example - You are expected to follow the same rules as everyone else, you don't get special treatment simply because of your position. #
    3. Enforce the Rules - If someone is breaking a rule it is your job to make sure they discontinue their behavior(s). I don't care if someone's your friend, if they're not doing what they're supposed to and break the rules, you have to take action. #
    4. Keep Informed and Stay Active - You should make sure you're informed and aware of all rules and events going on so that you can answer members' questions and let them know about what's happening within the community. #
    5. Communicate - Make sure you communicate with each other as well as other members. If you're going on vacation- let us know. If you have ideas, suggestions, or concerns- let us know. #
    6. Spread the Word (promote, promote, promote!) - You should let people know about the community, website, teamspeak, and any other servers we have. Let people know what we're about and what we offer: prizes, contests, tournaments, and the sense of community itself. #
    7. Be Respectful - Be kind and respectful to *everyone*. Never forget that being staff in this community is a privilege. It doesn't make you better than anyone else - it makes you trusted. You are held to an even higher standard of maturity, patience, understanding, and responsibility. #
    8. Vote (minecraft specific) - Make sure you vote every day! Let everyone know to vote and how them voting gives *everyone* a Key Chest Key! #
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  4. League of Legends Rules

    1. Do not excessively leave in the middle of matches. Sometimes it's unavoidable which is why excessive leaving is the rule. #
    2. In a 10-man or other custom match, please try to make the teams as fair as possible. If there is a staff member, it's their job to make sure teams are fair. If you don't like it, then don't 10-man. #
    3. In custom games, admins assign team captains unless you can be big kids and agree to captains among yourselves. #
    4. Don't harass people on the other team and you definitely shouldn't be harassing people on your own team. Practice good sportsmanship. #
    5. Make sure you have at least an hour of your time available to dedicate to the game you're about to play. #
    6. Don't intentionally feed or purposefully lose a game in any way during matches. We're all playing to have a good time. #