How to Submit an Entry for Clip of the Week and How it Works!

Clip of the Week Submissions
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How to Submit an Entry for Clip of the Week and How it Works!

Post by ch3rry » Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:07 pm

Any time you record anything with others, make sure they know and are okay with you recording them. If it's gameplay, that's acceptable but if it's a recording of their vocals or things they've said, they should always be made aware.

Image Submitting Your Clip Image

  • Upload your clip to
  • Make your own thread under the Clip of the Week (same place as you find this)
  • Paste the link to the clip and highlight it, then click on the 'youtube' bbcode button above the posting area and it will put the bbcode around it for ya.
  • You should leave a short description.


Image You can only submit 1 clip (for yourself) per week. If you want to record for others, that's fine. Image

Image You are required to be in the clip and/or have recorded it. Image

Image If both the person who recorded the clip and the person who is in it both submit the same clip, the person who is actually doing the activity in the clip, will be the one who gets the submission credit. This means that only the person in the clip would actually win the clip of the week, the recorder would still get credits on the clip for recording. Image

Image The clip submissions should be gaming or BlackStarGaming Community related (for instance, something funny from discord). Image

Image The clip must have been uploaded within a month of the Clip of the Week date. Image

Image The rules are still expected to be followed in all Clip of the Week submissions. Image

Image No excessive use of profanities since all people are going to be voting and watching Clip of the Week submissions. Image

Image You can only submit a clip once. Once you've submitted a clip, you can't submit it again whether it wins or loses. Image

Image In the event your clip wins, you will need to be able to send us the raw clip so that we can upload it to the BlackStarGaming Youtube channel. Image

Image Your clip must be submitted by the date posted on the Clip of the Week section which will be a Saturday. Image


Image Staff will select the top 3 clip submissions. Image

Image The top 3 clip submissions will then go up for public vote. Image

Image The clip with the most votes will win Clip of the Week for that week. Image


Image Bragging Rights Image

Image The winning Clip will be posted on the official BlackStarGaming Youtube Channel (the original publisher of the clip will also be linked to in the description). Image

Image Special COW Winner Role in Discord Image

Image 150 BSG Points Image