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Who we are and what we do!

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:50 pm
by ch3rry
What kind of guild are we?

Easy answer: We are a social and pve guild!

Elaborated: We're just getting started. How we like to do things throughout the BSG community is let the community define what we exactly are. Feel free to make suggestions and give feedback whether it's positive or negative we will always listen and take your thoughts into consideration!

What do we plan to do and have available in the future?

★ Future Dungeon Guides
★ Future Dungeon Runs
★ Dungeon Runs for Gear

What do we currently offer?

★Free trait Crafting for aspiring Master Crafters★ - Send Mats with email of what you want. There will be notes next to our names when you check the guild roster with what EightBitPixel and I can do for you.

Do we host any events?

Yes! We plan to have loads of events. As of the date I'm writing this up, we may not have all implemented due to lack of members and/or interest, but we would like to eventually have a week full of events for most days.

Raffle - Weekly - Sundays @8:30PM EST
1,000g per ticket
90% earned goes to winnings and we take 10% to build up guild bank for future events and supplies such as stations for guild hall and giveaways. For now only one Jackpot winner, the jackpot will fluctuate depending on sales and will be updated at least daily throughout the week. These stats may change once we gain more members.

All Across the Tunaverse - Weekly - Mondays 5:00PM EST
Group Fishing toward Master Angler Achievement - 1 zone alphabetically cycled, will be posted every week.

Mid-week Madness! - Weekly - Wednesdays @8:00PM EST
Trivia Event in mid-week. The top winner will get an instant cash prize of 5k. (These stats may change once we gain more members)

Doom Zoom - Weekly - Fridays @7:30PM EST
Going through each zone doing the public dungeon, dolmens, and world bosses for achievements, 1 zone alphabetically cycled, will be posted every week.

Skyshard Runs - Weekly - Saturdays @7:30PM EST
1-3 zones alphabetically cycled, will be posted every week.

One Guild's Trash is It's Guildies' Treasures! - Monthly - last Sunday of every month @7:00PM EST
Monthly emptying out of the guild bank. We aren't a trade guild, but we can earn more money for even better giveaways with these auctions. Since we aren't hardcore, try to let the newbies get good deals on supplies while earning a bit of gold for the guild in the process.

How do the ranks work within the guild?

Masser & Secunda - Guild Leaders

Paladin - Guild Officers

Lord -

Oracle -

Sage -

Bard - 2 Months >

Knight - 1 Month > 2 Months

Squire - 1 week > 1 Month

Newbie - 0 days > 1 week