Guidelines for handling hacking, exploits, offensive behaviors, and chat issues:
(Note: The staff member has the right to be more lenient or strict than these guidelines based upon their own judgment of the situation and the input of other staff).


Spamming Verbally or via Text or Pokes Etc.

Offensive language, Racial Slurs, Malicious Trolling


Chat Infractions


Abusing Exploits

  • Action: Warning or Tempban 1-7 day(s). Use your judgement based on the exploit in question. (Excessive abuse of this exploit can lead to permanent ban.)

  • Exploit Definition: to use a situation so that you get benefit from it, even if it is wrong or unfair to do this. (source)
    For example: You know that you can use frostwalker in towny claimed land and you use this to harass others. That would be an exploit and unacceptable.

Staff Expectations


Event Admin



Community Manager

Site Designer




Senior Admin

Command Description Further Information


/jail [player name] jail [time] Send someone to the server jail. Server jail is always just "jail"
/warn [playername] [reason] Warn a specific player. All Servers
/tempmute [player name] [time(s/m/h)] [reason] Temporarily mute players 1d = 1 Day | 1m = 1 Minute | 1s = 1 Second
/kick [player name] [reason] Kicks the specified player from the server Fast and efficient tool if someone is causing problems.
/banlist View banlist
/history [playername] Pull up player punishment history
/warnings [playername] View a players warning history
/checkban [playername] Check if a player is banned All Servers


/mute [player name] [time] Mute the specified player for an indefinite amount of time.
/unmute [player name] Unmute the specified player.
/tempban [playername] [time] [reason] Temporarly ban the specified player. 1d = 1 Day | 1m = 1 Minute | 1s = 1 Second
/warp [warpname] [playername] Warp a player to a pre-determined location Nice if a player is lost and you can't help them directly


/artmap delete [name of art] Deletes an artmap picture. Only delete offensive art depictions or names.
/tppos [x] [y] [z] Will teleport you to the specified position in the world You shouldn't need to do this too often, and isn't for personal use.
/tp [player name] [your name]
/tp [your name] [player name]
Will teleport the specified player to you
Will teleport you to the specified player
You should rarely need to use this, especially when teleporting others to you.
/tpa or /tpahere is always the best route.
/invsee [playername] See inside a players inventory.
/endersee [playername] See inside a players enderchest.

Senior Admin

/staffrollback [playername] [duration] Rollback a staff member's Bans, Kicks, Mutes & Warns
/iphistory [playername] Check a players IP history
/ipreport Checks for Possible Alts
/mutechat [reason] Mutes the whole chat in case of any serious or escalating issues.
/lastuuid [playername] View a Players UUID
/ipban [playername] [reason] Ban the specified player's ip. Great if someone keeps logging onto different alts
/clearchat Clears Chat Gets rid of spam and/or drama
/gms or /gmc Survival & Creative


/socialspy Toggles socialspy on and off Some staff ranks have this ability and some don't.
I'd rather people didn't know who had this ability or not.
/sc [msg]
send a message in staff chat
toggle staff chat on/off
this is just like towny chat where you can either send one message or toggle it on or off


This is mainly for SuperMods+
/hk help Lists all HawkEye commands.
/hk tool Toggles HawkEye Tool ON/OFF
/hk search [parameters] Searches for data that matches specified parameters
/hk page [Number] Displays the inputted page number from the previous search results.
/hk tpto [id] Teleports you to the location of the specified result id.
/hk here [radius] Shows all physical changes in a radius around you
/hk preview [parameters] Preview the effects of a rollback before applying them
/hk apply Apply a /hawk preview
/hk cancel Cancel a /hawk preview
/hk rollback [parameters] Rolls back changes according to your parameters
/hk rollback [parameters] Reverses your last rollback


There are 7 parameters you can use - a: p: w: l: r: f: t:. You need to supply at least one of them.

Action a: - list of actions separated by commas.

block-break, block-place, sign-place, chat, command, join, quit, teleport, lava-bucket, water-bucket,
open-container, door-interact, pvp-death, flint-steel, lever, button, other, explosion, block-burn,
block-form, leaf-decay, mob-death, other-death, item-drop, item-pickup, block-fade, lava-flow,
water-flow, sign-break, item-break, item-place, enderman-pickup, enderman-place, tree-grow,
mushroom-grow, entity-kill, spawnmob-egg, herochat, entity-modify, block-inhabit, super-pickaxe,
worldedit-break, worldedit-place, crop-trample, block-ignite, fallingblock-place, player-lava-flow,
player-water-flow, frame-insert, frame-extract, container-insert, container-extract

Player p: - list of players to search for separated by commas. Supports partial names.

World w: - list of worlds to search in separated by commas.

Filter f: - list of keywords/filters to check against

Location l: - location in the format x,y,z. You can also do l:here to supply your current location

Radius r: - number of blocks to search around the location if it is supplied
-> r:we - uses your current worldedit selection

Time t: - time bracket to search in. Use one of the following formats:
-> t:4w2d10h45m10s - searches back specified amount of time
-> t:2011-06-02,10:45:10 - searches from specified date to current date
-> t:2011-06-02,10:45:10,2011-07-04,18:15:00 - searches from first date to second

1w= 1 Week 1d = 1 Day | 1m = 1 Minute | 1s = 1 Second