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Welcome to BlackStarGaming's ESO Guild!

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I imagine if you're here, then you either are looking into becoming part of or already are part of BlackStarGaming Guild on ESO, so welcome!

We are a beginner guild that looks to be social, do fun stuff, and make it really easy to figure out how to get ahead and make some money and get all the things you want on ESO! Our mission is to help beginners learn how things work, make money, farm for their own materials (for themselves or to sell) and become master crafters, adventurers, and skyshard hunters.

Our goals and what we provide:

Image We may do PVP in the future, but our focus isn't on PVP in this guild, the only thing we may specifically do in Cyrodil is PVE events and Skyshard Hunting, but I don't mind answering questions about PVP and if I don't know it, gladly steer you in the right direction to figure it out. (Go Daggerfall!)

Image We have guides on our site that you're more than welcome to take advantage of, just click here. Most of it was written by us but we make link to or reference other guides that have helped us in the past.

Image Once we get a playerbase, we most definitely will have raffles, giveaways, and events with prizes and that will help you progress further in the game, such as skyshard hunting, public dungeon running and the like.

Image We aren't a trading guild, but maybe we could be at some point in the future. In the meantime, that doesn't mean that we wouldn't help guide you to the right trading guilds or provide you with assistance getting Addons, learning how to farm efficiently, and figure out what things are worth etc.

Image We don't have any requirements to be in the guild except to be friendly and courteous to others, you can check out our rules page at the top of the page under rules or by clicking here.

Feel free to get involved in the community as a whole, we're a multi-faceted gaming community of nerds and gamers, we do more than just ESO!

Join us on Discord!